Hand Held Bidets - Basic Features

Each standard (cold water) hand bidet kit is supplied with the following:

High Pressure Chrome Metal Spiral Hose

Sanicare hoses are specifically designed for use with our hand bidets. Their flexible, 1.5m in length ( 40") and designed to withstand more than 4 times your normal household water pressure.

Metal T Adapter valve with Built-in Filter and Backflow Prevention Valve

This fitting is designed for US toilets and has an exclusive screen filter not found on other cheap hand bidets. It's easily removed for cleaning and helps to prevent your spray head nozzle from clogging up and leaking when in the off position. Also included is a backflow prevention valve to eliminate contamination of your water supply.

Brass/Chrome Ceramic Core on/off valve

The very best valves incorporate ceramic core seals for the best seal and long life. It's important that you have a separate valve on your hand bidet SEPARATE from the fresh water source to the toilet. This is a MUST safety feature. Only quality Sanicare hand bidets offer this feature.

Hand Bidet Holder / Mounting Bracket

Depending on your model, each hand bidet is supplied with a special holder / mounting bracket allowing you to attach the hand bidet to a convenient location within easy reach.

and FREE Inline Ceramic Core control valve valued at $14.95!


Quality inline ceramic core seals for the best seal and long life. Installs between the hose and hand bidet for complete easy to regulate flow of water.



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